Wednesday, October 30, 2019

BOOK REVIEW- Ruthless (Detyen Warriors Book 2) by Kate Rudolph *

 Each Detyen Warriors novel can be read as a standalone. Enjoy feisty women, alpha aliens, fated mates, and relationships hot enough to steam up your screen.

Sparks fly when a ruthless alien warrior meets the one woman who can save his soul…
Toran NaLosen has no future and no hope. His path is bleak: die at thirty or sacrifice his emotions to survive a few more years. Stranded on Earth and far from home, the last person he expects to meet is the one woman meant for him, his denya.

Iris Mason protects the Earth in her own way by investigating threats and reporting on them to the Sol Defense Agency. At work she’s thriving, but personally the past year has ground her down and tested her resolve. Still recovering from the implosion of her last relationship, she doesn’t want the risk that comes with a new man. But when her job puts her on a collision course with Toran, a lightning bolt of lust hits her and has her questioning everything.

These adversaries must forge an alliance if any bond between them stands a chance, but it may not just be their hearts at stake. An ancient foe of the Detyen race lurks wherever they look and he has a new target in his sights: Earth.   AMAZON LINK
                                                3 STARS

The world-building was well done and the appearance of some of the aliens was pretty good too. 
Toran and Iris had some depth to them when it came to what they have gone through separately.  And also the challenges that they were now facing.
However, for me there is a big But right here.  I like less sex and more story in my story.   There are moments of actions and villains being chased.  Also times that the villains caught the good guys for awhile. Secondary people support the M.C.'s and form a team of sorts.  But the sex, the mate bond between Toran and Iris seemed to overtake the story.  
Some parts of the story come to a good conclusion but the door is also wide open for more adventures.  Because the ultimate villain/villains haven't been totally stopped. 

“I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.”

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