Friday, October 25, 2019

BOOK REVIEW- The Lawyer’s Secret Baby by Myra Brightholme

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“Emily, is that child really mine?”
The deathly silence that hung in the air answered the question for me.

Ten years!
Her name is Aurianna.
She is the prettiest, and most intelligent little girl in the world.
And I have missed - ten years - of her life.

Emily is alive.
Oh my God, she is actually alive!
But why would she not tell me???

My father!
The founder of Truman-Sacks would have never allowed it.
He controls every aspect of our family, and the company.
He has trained me to do his bidding.
But I won’t to do it anymore.

Mother has warned me.
“One of your father’s buddies ratted yesterday.”
“Be careful Mauro — your father can be a very dangerous man.”

The sadistic bastard went too far.
“Whether your girls stay safe and sound is entirely up to you, son”
He involved my daughter in this - He crossed a red line.
I will destroy everything he worked for.

I will bring down my father’s empire.
I will give my daughter the life she could not have.
I have carried Emily’s ring for ten years, thinking she was dead.

I will not let anyone drive us apart again. 

NOTE- I give it 3 STARS.  No link right now to the Amazon page. 

This story had good main characters who were carrying some heavy baggage.   They re-connect by chance or like they like to say it had to be fate.
The story moves pretty quickly with most of the time covering the "lost" ten years and for them to try to re-cover and move ahead.  Emily and Mauro seem to make a step or two forward and then slip back a couple more.  It was good to see both of their P.O.V.'s shared. 
The cases that Mauro handled were some of the ones very things that puts himself, Emily and Aurianna in danger.   He had one nasty family.
 Aurianna is as described in the book blurb; pretty, smart but also wanting to know her father.
There was a least one time that Mauro did something that I thought was kind of high-handed when it came to his daughter.  I was disappointed that Emily didn't call him on it.  She wasn't shy about calling him out on some other things.  
It all ends with some danger that is overcome and a H.E.A.   

“I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.”

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