Friday, October 30, 2020

BOOK REVIEW- Mountain Man's Price (Mountain Men Book 3) by Ava Grace

 Mountain Man's Price (Mountain Men Book 3) by [Ava Grace]   

After finally kicking her lying, cheating husband to the curb, the last thing Violet Miller wants is another man who can’t keep it in his pants. Enter Luke Chase.

Motorcycle man, Luke, might be hot and sexy, but he’s also her best friend’s older brother and is known around town for his womanizing ways. When Luke offers to scratch Violet’s itch, she reluctantly agrees.

What harm could come from a night of fun with the sexy biker?

However, it soon becomes clear that Luke wants nothing less than Violet on the back of his bike with his ring on her finger. Should she give in to her attraction and risk having her heart broken a second time, or should she go running for the Colorado hills?

When Luke proposes a compromise, can Violet agree to his terms or is the mountain man’s price too high?  AMAZON LINK


 This was a quick story with some humor, danger and also some heated sex between Violet and Luke.  Like Violet keeps saying she's not interested in getting into a relationship.  I liked the clever way that Luke got around that.

The motorcycle club was different than I expected but that wasn't a bad thing.  

The story was a bit predictable but does end up with almost all the problems solved.  There is still a danger out there to Luke, Violet and their friends and family.  But there is a H.E.A. for now until that danger is removed; probably in a following story.   At least things get solved between our two main characters.

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