Wednesday, October 21, 2020

BOOK REVIEW- It's Vegas, Baby (Vegas, Baby #1) by Fiona Davenport *



All bets are off when this billionaire casino owner falls for a beautiful doctor.

When Andrew Lennox spotted Autumn standing at the registration desk of his Las Vegas hotel, she was instantly his obsession. With Autumn leaving to spend a year abroad, their time was limited. But Drew was determined to use every second convincing Autumn of what he already knew. She was his. And no matter how long she was gone or how far away, that would never change.  AMAZON LINK


I've got to admit that the eBook cover made me slow down and read the book information.   Very attractive indeed.  And it even fit pretty well with the description of  Andrew Lennox's physical appearance.  Another bonus point for that too, for me.  

However, I was somewhat disappointed with the actual story.  It was just okay for me.  Yes, it's a short story, a novella just like it clearly states.  It has SOME good moments and a good description of the luscious of their surroundings.    Even a bit of information shared about some actual gambling.   But there were a few moments when I felt almost uncomfortable with some of Drew's possessiveness.  It helps  though that we get to read both Drew and Autumn's points of view.  It helped with some of my uncomfortable in that area especially.  

I liked that at least another thing that Drew and Autumn had in common was that they had been so laser focused on their careers that they had been left with no time for dating.  

Prepare yourself for a lot of sex, because they were trying to get together knowing there was a very short time limit for them in the right now. 

The story does have a H.E.A. which I of course liked .  But also the feeling of one and done. 

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