Wednesday, January 1, 2020

BOOK REVIEW- The Reluctant Princess (Viking Brides #1) by Christine Rimmer


Part 1 of the Viking Brides series

THERE'S A... VIKING IN MY LIVING ROOM! Elli Thorson, displaced Nordic princess, was used to an occasional reminder of where she came from. But even she was surprised at the sight of the handsome if hulking man in her apartment. He said he'd come by order of her father, the king--to bring Elli home by any means possible. And though she didn't want to go, the idea of a journey with this "warrior" was strangely appealing.... Hauk FitzWyborn, the king's right-hand man, knew what His Royal Highness really wanted from his daughter--to marry the man who would be king. And that man was most assuredly not Hauk, he knew, even as he struggled to resist the beautiful princess. Still, as her loveliness reminded him, they were in California now--where even the wildest of dreams could come true....AMAZON LINK   4 STARS

This was a book that I enjoyed as a pretty quick read.  It was emotional because let's face it who wants to be kidnapped, royal order or not? 
Elli was thought to be the docile, don't rock the boat one of the triplets.  Too bad they didn't get the memo about how stubborn and resistant she could be when she set her mind to it.  Kind, with a good heart definitely.  Someone to be pushed around against her will?  Definitely not.  It led to some interesting times. 
No matter how loyal and tough Hauk was, in some ways he was no match against Elli's logic. I smiled when at least one point when Hauk wished he'd kept the gag in Elli's mouth.  Because that woman could and did debate her way around just about everything.  
The culture of her land of birth and its stories was well fleshed out I thought.  So was the bigotry that will be revealed as time goes on.  A bigotry that Elli will NOT stand for. She might have born there but she was raised American and proud of it.   
Of course there is an attraction that develops between the M.C.'s and they do face a battle about it. I liked how that was resolved.  
There is still the mystery of why Elli's mother fled with her triplets and why she vowed to never set foot in that land ever again.  But hey, Elli still has two other sisters who probably will have a story to tell too.  

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