Friday, January 3, 2020

BOOK REVIEW- A Bravo Christmas Wedding (The Bravo Royales Book 9) by Christine Rimmer


LOVE ON THE RANGE? Princess Aurora Bravo-Calabretti is wishing for a mountain man this Christmas! But her most unroyal crush rancher Walker McKellan insists that they remain "just friends." Now he's her round-the-clock bodyguard while she is the maid of honor at her cousin's holiday wedding. Rory can't resist this Colorado cowboy but she wishes she was walking down the aisle to meet Walker at the altar! Both the best man to the groom and Rory's bodyguard, Walker can't shake his charge. As he begins to see Rory in a different light, a surprise snowstorm strands him with his princess and sparks ignite into a holiday love affair! Can their Christmas passion blossom into a very Bravo happily-ever-after?   AMAZON LINK
                                              3 STARS

This book had potential but for me it just didn't get there.   It was SO slow that I just kept waiting for something to really happen.  Sure, there were good background set ups of the ranch and the town and the family feel.  Even with some of her female cousins "battling" it out. Even the questionable upcoming wedding of her favorite cousin Clara and Walker's brother,  But the story just didn't draw me in all that much. I had hoped it would.
Yes, there is a sweet H.E.A. for those that want to know.  Still for me there were no real surprises.  


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