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BOOK REVIEW- The SEAL's Unexpected Triplets by Katie Knight *

 Book Details
Cora Caspian has been nanny to adorable triplet girls since the day they were born. But when their parents die in a tragic fire, she’s more than a bit stunned when their will dictates that a particular former Navy SEAL become the girls’ co-guardian with her. She’ll be in charge of the girls’ health and happiness…and William Royce will keep them safe. Of all the men in the hired security firm, William seems to her to be the least likely to take care of three toddlers. He’s all alpha male, muscle, and military might—not at all what the girls need. And certainly not at all what Cora needs—even if he is the sexiest man she’s ever seen. Having been raised as a military brat, she knows what it’s like to grow up in a home with a man who puts duty first and feelings last—just like William. Turns out, though, William is nothing like her father. He takes his job seriously, but he’s good with the girls in a way she never could have anticipated. And when he’s alone with Cora, good doesn’t begin to describe how he is…

As an orphan with no idea how to be part of a family, being named guardian of three toddlers just might be William’s worst nightmare. Even worse is sharing a home with their stunningly attractive nanny-turned-mother, who’s made it perfectly clear she thinks he’s the wrong man for the job. But when it becomes apparent someone’s trying to harm the triplets, William’s protective feelings get riled up. Cora is riling up feelings too, ones he can’t ignore. Suddenly, being part of a real family may be what his lonely life needs—even if it’s only temporary.

As the danger to the triplets grows, William realizes all the warm and fuzzy feelings are getting in the way of his duty. To protect the triplets, he’ll have to put up a wall between the new family he’s built, but losing Cora and the triplets might just destroy him.

                               4 STARS

The unusual story line in the book information is that first thing that grabbed my attention. I'm glad that I picked up the book because I did like it.
Paige, Melody and Haley (the triplets) were a handful and they are wearing Cora down to the bone.  But she loves them with every ounce of her being and will do whatever it takes to protect them.  Which brings her to the uncomfortable presentation of William being brought in.   It's more than a suggestion though that he be a part of their household.  The girl's dead parents had made it a part of the guardianship for the triplets.  An unusual condition but it soon becomes clear just how necessary it is.  It does take a while to get to the point where the danger really stands out.  But during that time, "the girls" and Cora start to work better as a team with William.  As you can expect though there will be some flare ups!
Each little girl has such a distinct personality.  Paige is the leader with kind of an Alpha like personality.  Melody is the smiling, cheerful one, who only pushes back when she needs to.  Haley is the quieter, shy one, who is very tenderhearted.  It was interesting to watch as time went on how other strengths started to show up as time went on.  William is very secure in his ability to keep everyone safe.  Not so secure when it comes to interactions with kids.  We do find out through his actions that he has abilities in that area that he didn't know he had.  After a few things happen he begins to question those security abilities because of his split attention with Cora and the girls.  More than once he cuts himself off from them to keep them safe. You can just image the confusion that causes and not just for them. One of the cute quirks that Cora had that made me smile was when she got a chance to read, she left odd bookmarks in a book. 
I had someone on my radar as a suspect when it came to who was threatening the girls and it turns out that I was right.  But that didn't ruin things for me because curiosity kept me going.  What other dangers are going to be thrown at the "family" and how does the villain get found out? The "why" is always a nice touch but not too hard to figure out.  I wanted the "Who",and "How" exposed and overcome.
Cora and Williams have their moments of "heat" as they struggle to overcome their baggage about a true romance.  
It all ends with a smile-worthy Epilogue. 

 "I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.”

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