Tuesday, December 17, 2019

BOOK REVIEW- Kincaid: Cerberus Mc Book 1 By Marie James *

Hero complex?
Not afraid to speak my mind?

Check, check, and check.

I'm also President of the Cerberus MC, a former Marine, and easy on the eyes with arms made to hold a woman tight. I'm the whole package.

I'm not conceited; I'm convinced, and Emmalyn Mikaelson doesn't have a clue what she's gotten herself into by jumping on the back of my bike.   AMAZON LINK
                             4 STARS

There was more to the story than the quick book blurb suggests.   Both to Kincaid and to Emmalyn.  
Emmalyn is in a hell that she has been trying to escape for a long time, with no success to this point.  She doesn't deserve what has been happening but is running out of options.  That "hell" was very well described.
Kincaid is at the right place to intervene.  They both found that there is a spark between them that they can't act on right away.
Kincaid is not what you are expecting when it comes to the biker guy that he is.  
There is a story here but also with quite a few pages of sex and some raw language because remember it's a  Biker Club.  There is also so many times that Kincaid is so tender towards Emmalyn.  He cuts her a lot of slack because he recognizes the fear she has from the abuse she suffered.   When he says he's going to protect her, he proves it time and time again. 
Danger, action, friendships, drama, betrayal, romance, sex are all a part of this story.  
A couple of other men in the club drew my interest.  Kid is one and Shadow is the other.  And each have a quick peek into their stories at the end of this book. 

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