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BOOK REVIEW- Christmas in Shotgun Ridge (Bachelors of Shotgun Ridge Book 8) by Mindy Neff

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Wanted: Women and babies. Where: Shotgun Ridge, Montana. When: As soon as possible!

A wounded woman and the cowboy determined to save her are about to make the perfect targets for the matchmakers of Shotgun Ridge, Montana.

Bah, humbug!

Wounded, widowed, and wary, Cherry Peyton didn’t believe in Christmas miracles. She was going to keep her head down, lights off, and ignore Christmas—again! But when her neighbor Clay Callahan found her injured by her bull, he had the perfect excuse to take over….

Suddenly her quiet life was awash with Clay’s family and friends bringing over kittens to foster, trees to decorate, ornaments to hang. And if that wasn’t bad enough, Clay was staying in her house while she healed! How could any woman concentrate on getting out of bed when a sexy, strong, tender cowboy kept urging her to stay there?

The town’s matchmakers were all aglee to see the millionaire rancher tending to Cherry. But she couldn’t forget the pain from her marriage, and couldn’t trust in love again. As the snow came, and the holidays neared, would Shotgun Ridge get another miracle? AMAZON LINK
                                                                                                        4 STARS

What a great little community this is.  Maybe I shouldn't call it little though.  Although it does have that warm, got your back, help your neighbor America feeling that I remember. 
Before I go onto the main characters, I just have to mention that this town has what they call "the matchmaking geezers".  This affectionate term and the people who were attached to that title made me smile. Cherry's uncle was one of them.
Cherry sure needs that help although she has been hiding from it.  Her deceased husband was a nasty piece of work.  He had also controlled and isolated her.  Now it was so hard to come back out of that after so many years. Pride and shame also help keep her isolated.
Cherry's accident as painful as it is does help open the door for Clay to help her.  Something he's yearned to do for years.  
Are you looking for a hero?  Clay sure fits that bill.  Oh, he'd tell you himself that he's got flaws but he sure has a heart for people.  Cherry is right at the top of that list and has been for six years at least.  Even though Cherry is prickly and independent he finds ways to get around her to help.  Even though it's not an easy task he even gets her to smile and laugh more than he's seen in years.  What also helps his case is that he is very astute when it comes to Cherry.  That is something that she notices even when it makes her uncomfortable at times.   Clay shows through his actions time and again how much he wants to take care of Cherry and even work together as a team.  

 As you can see, this is an emotional story but Cherry isn't the only one who has suffered emotional pain.  As the story goes on we get to see that Clay's younger years hadn't been a bowlful of cherries.  Please excuse the intended pun. 
There isn't just pain in this story but there are many tender and sweet moments too.  Not only between the main characters and the secondary people but also the strays (animals) that gravitate to Cherry.
As you can see I really liked this story.  It's a good Christmas story but also good at ANY time.  
A good Epilogue is something that I always want.  And this book had that.

 "I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.”

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