Monday, December 2, 2019

BOOK REVIEW- The Christmas Princess by Patricia McLinn

Book cover for The Christmas Princess by Patricia McLinnA Princess for a few weeks …
The coming Christmas season isn’t looking great for April Gareaux. Her job is uninspiring, her engagement is off, and she has nowhere to live. Certainly her family would take her in, especially Leslie and Grady Roberts and their circle of friends who have become her extended family. But it’s time she stops relying on them.

Then comes an extraordinary offer – spend the holidays in Washington, D.C., with King Jozef of Bariavak as his possible long-lost granddaughter. Even more extraordinary is the man behind the offer and the one who will be beside her through the coming weeks, Hunter Pierce.

This is the last assignment Hunter would pick. Determination and grit have moved him beyond his past in Bariavak. Yet, here it is standing in front of him again, refusing to be ignored. … Just like his reactions to April. How can he fight what he’s feeling when they’re together all the time.

King Jozef has known tragedy in his life. Now, comes this lovely young woman bringing joy to his holidays. How can he resist dabbling in some royal matchmaking. Wouldn’t it be delightful if he could give April a Christmas gift she will never forget …
… Her Prince for a Lifetime    AMAZON LINK

                                4 STARS

What an enjoyable book this was.  The main characters of April and Hunter had layers of interesting to them. Both had painful childhoods even if they were wildly different.  
April is such a kind, caring woman who is also pretty astute when it comes to people.  She sees things that others often miss.  And she's there to help the people she cares for. Everyone she meets usually becomes a friend because of that caring heart.  Whether it be at the homeless shelter, or with hotel staff or the dog shelter that she volunteers at.  She  sees herself as always being rescued but her family sees it differently.  One family member showed her later on that she has been the rescuer as well.  April also added some humor to the things going on as well.   I got a big kick out her observation about Hunter having the "The Jaw."
Hunter was so much the opposite of April.  She was fairly open with her feelings and Hunter was often described  as being like granite.  His supervisor, Sharon Johnson (who I also really liked) said that he needed to let his feelings out before it basically blew the top of his head off.
 King Jozef was holding some secrets close to his chest but also liked meddling in slightly mischievous ways too.  Some of those secrets that he is holding will give the story some really good surprises. 

There were plenty of other secondary characters.  Some of them not so sweet and light either.  It doesn't make them bad people just a little tougher to like at first. 
There is of course a H.E.A. for Hunter and April.  And I appreciated the quick look into the next book, "The Surprise Princess (The Wedding Series Book 6)"  I just might have to follow up with that one too.

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