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BOOK REVIEW- A Christmas Wish (Sapphire Bay #3) by Leeanna Morgan *

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 A CHRISTMAS WISH is the third book in the Sapphire Bay series and can easily be read as a standalone. Each of Leeanna's series are linked so you can find out what happens to your favorite characters in other books. Happy reading!

 Can a little girl's Christmas wish come true?

After a tragic accident, Megan Stevenson is determined to give Nora, her five-year-old niece, a loving and stable home. With her fantasy cake business thriving and her niece's nightmares finally over, her life is more stable than it has ever been--until a stranger knocks on her door.

FBI Special Agent William Parker knows what it's like to lose the people you love. He's convinced himself that his job is all he needs to be happy. But while he's protecting Megan and Nora from a brutal terrorist group, his emotionless and solitary life is torn to shreds. With Christmas fast approaching, can Megan and Nora convince him that it's safe to love again...even if loving them is harder than letting them go?   AMAZON LINK
                              3 STARS

Megan has another surprise waiting for her.  A family one that she never saw coming.  It truly does turn her life upside down but it also brings William into her life.  That is someone who she might never have met if this secret hadn't come out.  
 In the beginning of them being on the run, I found it kind of odd that William used a public airport to try to get Megan and Nora out of town.  And also that he didn't station himself outside of the bathroom when Megan and Nora had to use it.  Of course, it did set the stage for more drama.  Just saying. 
William is a man of his own secret sorrows. He is no stranger to painful loss.  He also has not spoken to his father in 4 years because of that grief.  William is someone who easily connects with Nora and it''s easy to see why.  That Nora was one little charmer.  It was fun to watch her interactions with people and especially William. 
Megan is drawn to William as well but past history with an ex has taught her to be way more careful.  Besides not only her heart is at risk.  As time goes on Megan is concerned about Nora becoming heartbroken when William has to leave. 
There is plenty of emotions, cakes and good times spent together as they wait for the danger from the terrorists to be over.   There is also plenty of time for misunderstandings, mixed messages too.  
All in all, this was a clean, charming, good story, a Christmas wish gets fulfilled leading to a H.E.A. 

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