Friday, June 22, 2018


Without realizing it, we've gotten lost in our own little lives. We've settled for "good enough" and days that run together in an unmemorable blur. We long for something to shake us up, but we're exhausted by the thought of it too.

In her warm, vulnerable style, bestselling Proverbs 31 author Suzanne Eller shows how living and loving without limits has nothing to do with your own efforts--and it has everything to do with God's Holy Spirit. Unpacking the promises and teachings Jesus shared with the disciples about the Holy Spirit, Suzanne shows how you can stop settling and start truly living. When you learn to unwrap the gift of his presence, you'll find the world-changing, foundation-shaking, soul-stirring life of passion and purpose God is waiting to give you.   AMAZON 4 STARS

This book had my attention at the introduction no less.  That was a surprise to me.  But the prayer at the beginning of the book before we ever even got into the chapters?  Can I just say, "Wow"?  It was so real, easy to relate to and tender.  It's written by Jennifer Dukes Lee and I'm so glad that the author included it. 

I liked how she explained about people need to understand when they are in a confidence crisis when it comes to their faith.  That phrase, "confidence crisis" stuck with me.  "Faith isn't a doubt-free walk, but a dependent walk" what a great way to explain the feelings that people go through.
 I liked the examples of real, well I mean, currently living people.  But I also liked the scripture about real people in the Bible. There was a good balance of both.  It wasn't done in a heavy handed super scholarly way either. 
 I enjoyed how each of the chapters ended. It ends with "The Word", "Your Spirit-Led  Promise",  "Spirit-Led Invitation" and a "Prayer". 
One of my favorite stories had to be when a man asked her why did she call herself a Christian?  And her simple answer from the heart ended up being more powerful that she could have ever imagined.   She only found out how powerful much, much later.  She explains how she had felt somewhat guilty because she hadn't even used even one scripture in her answer. We do that guilt thing to ourselves not even realizing Holy Spirit has a better way that at times we don't understand.  She gave some really good insight to those Holy Spirit nudges too. 
I think my last comments would be reading this book was liking sitting down with a friend.   It definitely would have been a great book to be able to read when I was a very young Christian.  And is still relevant to me as someone who has been a Christian for a while. 

I received a free copy of this book from Bethany House

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