Thursday, June 21, 2018


Firewall (FBI: Houston Book 1) by [Mills, DiAnn]
After a whirlwind romance, Taryn Young is preparing to board a plane at Houston International Airport, bound for a dream honeymoon, when a bomb decimates the terminal. Injured but still alive, she awakens to discover her husband is missing and they’re both considered prime suspects in the attack. Further, the FBI is convinced her husband isn’t who he appears to be.

Agent Grayson Hall’s number-one priority is to catch those responsible for the day’s act of terror. All evidence is pointing to Taryn and her new husband. But his instinct tells him her pleas of innocence are genuine. Is her naiveté just for show, or could she truly be another victim of a master scheme, possibly linked to the software she recently developed for her company?

With both their lives and reputations on the line, and the media outcry for justice increasing with each passing minute, Taryn and Grayson have no choice but to trust one another . . . and pray they can uncover the truth before they become two more casualties.  AMAZON 5 STARS

Loved, Loved, Loved this story!  Awesome main characters, Awesome plot and it was a high intensity story. Twists and turns kept me on the edge of my seat.  There was also a really a good supporting cast of secondary people both good and evil.
Taryn was duped.  It takes her a while to recognize it and when she does she can't believe how thoroughly it has been done.  At one point, she even concedes that although her IQ is off the charts and she's very creative, her street smarts just aren't that developed.   She has developed some pretty good physical protection moves that WILL help her more than once in this story.  I couldn't help but like her and get drawn into the story quickly.  Even from the first chapter it starts out pretty dramatically.  And there are several mysteries that must be worked out before this book finishes.

Two words describe Agent Hall..good guy.  When Taryn first meets him, she meets the tough investigator part of him.  He's not going to let a pretty face with a great mind derail him.  Not only because of having made that mistake before but because this was deadly serious. 

I will say that some of the science of the book went over my head but I just let it and enjoyed the people and the action of the book.  Never a dull moment when it came to the action.

For those who want to know God, is a part of the story.  Both of the main characters are believers although Taryn admits she allowed science to take a higher place for a while. It's almost like she is back to the beginning in regards to her faith. For those who don't want to read books that have God in it, I hope you re-think it.  Why?  Because the book is just that outstanding.

There will be a major twist at the end of the book.  Well placed and well worked out.  

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