Sunday, June 10, 2018


Love Me, Love Me Not by [Morgan, Victoria]
Corina absolutely loves her life on her family ranch in the Amish town. She enjoys working fulltime on the ranch, loves the outdoors and the mountains nearby. But she clashes with her grandfather when he tries to get her to “not do men’s work.” He also has decided that since his grandchildren aren’t doing their part in finding a spouse, it’s his job to do so. In Corina’s opinion, her grandfather is a prehistoric old man. But when a handsome Englischer comes to town, her grandfather immediately begins trying to set them up. Will he just get in the way of something that could happen naturally or will he be the bridge that brings them together?  AMAZON  3 STARS

This book was just okay. Or maybe I should say, books.  Short story books that is.  
I took a chance when I grabbed this book, I was hoping it was a full story without a lot of mini-stories to follow.  No such luck.  In fact I felt like the first story in the book ended abruptly with just a promise.  It felt like it left me hanging.   
The rest of the story for the most part ended except a few didn't feel finished.  There didn't feel like very much depth to most of them. 
I will say that they were sweet, with most of them facing some kind of challenge when it came finding love.  Are there morals to the story in each one, I'd say yes.  They were clean books perfectly safe for younger readers. 

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