Saturday, June 23, 2018


Someone Like You: A Romance Novel by [Mallery, Susan]
Jill Strathern left town for the big city and never looked back—until she returned home years later to run a small law practice. It turns out her childhood crush, Mac Kendrick, a burned-out LAPD cop, has also come back to sleepy Los Lobos. Even though Mac rejected her back in high school, Jill can't deny the attraction she still feels for him.

Now Jill and Mac are tangled in enough drama to satisfy the most jaded L.A. denizens—Mafia dons, social workers, angry exes and one very quirky eight-year-old make even the simplest romance complicated. And it all goes to prove that when it comes to affairs of the heart, there's no place like home. An unlikely pair…but a perfect match.   AMAZON 4.5 STARS

This book had me smiling almost right off the bat.  And part of the fun started with Jill's creative ideas about getting revenge on her cheating,  promotion stealing,  soon to  be ex-husband.  She often called him "the lying weasel rat bastard dog."  Her Aunt Bev was almost as much fun as Jill's revenge plot!  Unique person coming right up. I can see that she's going to be quite an addition to the story. Also someone who loved Jill a whole lot!  
Jill does want to get out of Los Lobos as soon as possible.  She hates it there and keeps telling everyone her stay there wasn't permanent, it was temporary at best.  As time goes on you begin to wonder if she's trying to convince herself.  Her temporary office was a hoot as was the often hostile office help by the name of Tina.
Mac was a really good main character and his plate keeps getting piled higher with problem after problem.  His daughter Emily was someone he loved with every breath in his body but he had screwed up when it came to his relationship with her.  He was trying to recover lost ground and it isn't easy.
One of the funniest revenge plots of Jill's had to do with her ex's fancy, expensive car. It was kind of his baby, his pride and joy.  It was also part of their community property so she took it with her when she left him.  Now she was doing her best (or is that her worst) to endanger it.  

I liked the author's writing style in this.  And some of the ways the conversations went and some of the descriptive phrases.  Like when Mac told Wilma that he had everything under control.  Wilma's response put a smile on my face for sure.  "That's what lemmings always say right before they jump off the cliff".  

There will be H.E.A. but not before some dramatic, and some dangerous 
events that happen first. 

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