Thursday, June 7, 2018

BOOK REVIEW- ADRENALINE RUSH Alpha Dog Series by Mal Olson

Adrenaline Rush (Alpha Dog Series Book 1) by [Olson, Mal]
Wounded warrior, Alpha Dog secret agent
Eric Cavelli, is hot on the trail of the world's most wanted terrorist. Annastine Jacobson, Norwegian-born fashion designer and the woman of Cavelli's dreams, is the last person on earth he intends to meet up with—in this lifetime. But she's the only one who can get his team into enemy territory.
In the aftermath of a bombing at a Washington D.C. gala, an unintended encounter plunges the two of them into an emotional tailspin. She thinks she's seen the ghost of the man who was once her soulmate. His cover is on the verge of being blown.
Memories of a long lost love threaten to undermine Eric's mission to stop a massive stockpile of weapons from falling into the hands of terrorists, a mission that will also take down his nemesis, the man who stole his life.   AMAZON 4.5 STARS

I really liked this book.  The characters were really good as was the plot.   There is plenty of mystery, action and adventure in it.  Oh yes, there was time for a touch of romance too. 
Eric really has Annastine's head spinning because of her confusion concerning her lost love John Trask.  A few similarities between the two keep cropping up.  She feels somewhat guilty because of her attraction to Eric Cavelli.  It's an attraction she can't even fully explain.  But she does fight it.  
Eric has a lot of secrets.  One's that he has to keep in order to keep the people he cares about safe.  He's had to give up a lot in order to keep them out of the line of fire.  He aches with all that he as lost.  But nothing in his life can even hope to move along with 2 really dangerous men get stopped.  It does get pretty intense at times. 
I found it kind of amazing that Annastine was put in such dangerous situations.  Yes, she did have a quick training but still she was over her head.  And to make it worse, 2 dangerous men have their own agenda when it comes to her.  Something that she will hate with every fiber of her being.  
Other really good characters were the team members that were like family to Eric.  Kit, Apollo and Bronco just to name a few. 
And without a doubt I would like to see where the story between Bronco and Sherri is going.  Because yes, I think there is a good story there since there was a good hot start in this book. Now  it's time for some honesty between them.  I can't wait to read that one too.  I hope this author is busy writing that one and I will be watching for it.

"I received this book in exchange for a review."

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