Monday, June 18, 2018

BOOK REVIEW- SLATE by Stella Marie Alden

She woke a part of me I thought long dead...

"She pretty?"
"F###, yeah."
"She into you?"
"Think so."
"So, what's the problem?"
"I kissed her."

I specifically told the agency I wanted a male dog walker. She's way too leggy. That's the problem. And young. And na├»ve. I got no business letting her stay in my guesthouse, especially the way my blood runs south whenever she's near. In another lifetime, I might've pursued her but I suck at relationships.

Unfortunately, my dog found a clue to a murder and she's involved. If I don't protect her, who will?

There's something about Mr. Sexy and that over-the-top kiss. I've never felt anything so consuming, so mind-blowing. Then, he apologized. Now, he's pissed. What the h3ll? How had my heart become so invested in so short a time?   AMAZON   4 STARS

Note: Steaming hot scenes, two wounded souls, and a slobbery puppy. HEA guaranteed.

Yes, the book blurb should have warned me how HOT this book was going to be.  Even so, I was a bit unprepared for just how in my face it was going happen at the very beginning.  Almost immediately there was a lot of  mental sexual foreplay. Wow, I don't think I've ever put a phrase like that together before. Oh yes and there were some surprises and nakedness too.  It was a dramatic start to the book.  It even had me wonder at first if there was going to be any kind of plot but take a breath, there is.  
But I'm not downplaying the main characters who have some pretty painful things in their past.  I'm not going to tell you what their pain is, as you read the story it all begins to unfold. They are very interesting indeed. 
Slate was so endearing when you got to know him.  He was SO over his head when it came to women.  And he wasn't afraid to admit it.  Well, he admitted it to a close man friend at least.  His boss and friend was the first one he called trying to figure out what he was doing wrong getting to know Lilac.   Because of that he bounced between being this grouchy, alpha  type guy and then being sweet to Lilac. No wonder she was confused at times. 
Lilac.  Boy, she did have her share of grief just over her name alone. I liked the name and I liked her. She was a fighter even when it was hard to get people to believe her.  At times, it seems that Lilac just has some unsettling things happen to her.  And this latest caper with Dog, is going to innocently throw her right into the middle of danger.  But at least Slate is on her side.   
There was humor in the story that made me smile a time or two.  After they catch two low IQ thugs breaking into his house, that whole conversation between Lilac and Slater made me grin.
So final words.  There will be attraction, a prickly friendship, then sex.  Secrets shared, walking the dog and sex.  Tenderness, protectiveness, and sex.  Danger, mysteries and once again sex.  All working their way to that H.E.A that was promised and is delivered. 

I have not read The CEO's Redemption, so I was not familiar with any of the people from that book.  But this was an easy to read book all on it's own.  I will say that I took a look at the other book and it sounded pretty interesting too. 

I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.

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