Tuesday, July 14, 2020

BOOK REVIEW- The Prince & His Cinderella Small Town Royal Romance (The Cinderella Escape Book 1) by Mindy Neff *

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Magical hot springs. A memory glitch. And a positive pregnancy test.

Briana Duvaulle couldn’t be pregnant! She hadn’t done the deed…had she? And to make matters worse—now that it’s too late—the most exciting man Brianna has ever met has launched a no-holds-barred romantic pursuit of her!

Although Joseph Castillo showers her with gifts and affections, it’s the lure of his passion and devotion that Brianna can’t resist. But just when she starts believing in fairy tales and happily ever after, she learns he’s a Prince!

She’s a small town girl from Ohio and he’s next in line to rule an entire country. She can’t expect him to compromise his impeccable lineage for her and her mystery baby—especially when his family has arranged for him to marry someone else.

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           4 STARS

I liked this story but with some reservations.  I was charmed by how smitten Joseph was and how he pulled out all the stops to win Briana. 
He was so tender so often that it was hard not to be charmed with his interactions with her.
Briana was so head over heels with her attraction towards Joseph (coup de foudre the French phrase for, love at first sight).  To be honest they both were hit by that feeling!  For Briana it couldn't have happened at a worst time.   That memory blank will definitely cause agony for her AND Joseph.  The emotional roller coaster is definitely in play for both of the main characters. 
The world building when it came to the prince and the different locations where they visited was well described.
 The slowdown of the story seemed to come into play for me with the constant rehashing of Briana's maddening memory loss and pregnancy.  And her sense of agony of not being "princess material."  All important parts and even though I felt it stayed there a bit too long it also kept me reading.  I wanted to see what the author would come up with as a solution. 
We also get to see the fear that her cousin, Crystal has about marrying the man who loves her.  She worries about being unable to have children although the man she loves still wants to marry her. 
There is a H.E.A. and it was a interesting twist or two that brings it about.  All in all a charming although not super deep story.

"I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.”

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