Thursday, July 16, 2020

BOOK REVIEW- HOT SEAL (HOT SEAL Team - Book 1) by Lynn Raye Harris *

HOT SEAL (HOT SEAL Team - Book 1) by [Lynn Raye Harris]
 Fake a relationship with his ex-wife? Not on your life!

When a terrorist steals a drug submarine, Navy SEAL Dane "Viking" Erikson finds himself thrust into his first HOT mission with an unexpected partner: his ex-wife, DEA agent Ivy McGill. Dane doesn't want to work with the one woman who still twists him up inside, but he can't refuse a direct order from his commanding officer.

Ivy's on a mission of her own--to put the ruthless drug dealer she blames for her mother's death out of business for good. If she has to work with Dane to get it done, she will. And she absolutely will not fall for his hard muscles and killer smile ever again. Once burned, twice shy.

But Dane and Ivy have never been able to keep their hands off each other. While they may believe that sex and love don't intertwine, they'll find out what's real and what isn't when a dangerous player takes matters into his own hands. They'll need to be more than a team to survive what's coming their way--and it's not going to be easy!   AMAZON LINK
                   3 STARS

While I liked the story it also didn't really pull me as much as I would have liked.  Maybe I'm getting a bit jaded from reading a lot of similar stories. 
When I first saw the book, I thought the title meant it was about a Hot Seal.  While that was true, I did like that it also meant more.  That being an elite, special division of many different parts of the military working together.  It was so secret that many just thought it was a rumor. That it didn't even exist.
Both Dane and Ivy were pretty good main characters.   With a whole lot of yet to be unloaded baggage.   So, you know there is a lot of emotions to deal with right along with the dangers of their jobs. 
There is a good cast of fellow comrades like Ace Martin who partners in the DEA with Ivy.  We also get introduced to the team members of HOT.  
All teams find themselves with two main enemies, the Freedom Force and the crime family of the Ruizes.  
There is a twist towards the end that I didn't expect.  

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