Thursday, July 2, 2020

BOOK REVIEW- Deadly Match (Bad Boy Inc. Book 3) by Eve Langlais

When a retired assassin decides to go looking for love, he decides to trust the pros at a dating service and ends up finding a Deadly Match.

Almost dying puts some things in perspective for Reaper.

One, he is getting too old to be dodging bullets.

Two, who will mourn him when he is gone?

And three, he needs a legacy to inherit his collection of hockey cards.

Maybe it's time to think of settling down, problem is, exactly where does a retired assassin meet a lady?

Charming Reaper Montgomery--the first--turns to a dating service to solve his problem, and finds himself intrigued by the owner, especially when his first date with her ends with bullets flying.

It all starts with a surprising, dramatic opening chapter right off the bat.

Prepare for some adult language and adult thoughts.   One in particular is one that made me cringe.  But thank you, that one wasn't used too much.   You have to know going in though that this story wasn't going to be all warm and fuzzy, right?
The rest of the story was good, with multiple twists and turns.  And main characters that it was easy to hope that they got a H.E.A.  
Yeah, I know Reaper was a hired killer but hey, he had his standards too.   The owner of the matchmaking company, Annique Darlington was quite an interesting mix too.  She went toe to toe with Reaper more than once.  The sparks flew no matter how hard she fought to stay neutral.  But she hadn't counted on Reaper who NEVER gives up. 

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