Tuesday, August 20, 2019

BOOK REVIEW- Pacific Blue A Coastal Romance by Kristina Luckey *

Art first. Love later…or so she thought.
Sea life sculptor Piper Diaz is tired of being pressured to conform. She is never marrying, joining her family’s investment firm, or moving from her tiny industrial loft. Her sole focus is getting her artwork shown. And screw anyone who’s told her to drop the hobby. Nothing will stop her now that Pacific Blue Fine Art Gallery has agreed to show her sculptures. Things are finally going her way…
That is until entrepreneur and businessman Alex Hutton purchases the gallery and has zero interest in unknown artists. He gives her a choice to work for him or quit.
Alex has sunk all his money into reimagining Pacific Blue and turning it into a premier gallery. He won’t be distracted and certainly not by the beautiful Latina glaring at him. Still, there’s something about Piper he can’t shake, regardless of his heart-shattering past. Pacific Blue must open in a month or he loses everything. Working alongside Piper might just cause him to lose his heart along with his investment.  AMAZON LINK
                      4 STARS

The  main characters were good ones.  They each had their own challenges of course.  Petite Piper had huge passion but just couldn't seem to catch a break professionally.  Even though her art was top flight.  She defined the phrase of struggling artist.
Alex was trying his best to get his premier gallery off the ground.  He needed known, established, money making artist to make that work.  He had no time for the work of unknown artist Piper.   Oh, you know they are going to butt heads.  
This was an emotional story with several other issues but with also some good secondary people in the story. I liked Alex's brother Nick and the hovering health question.  Piper's mother and father loved her but man could they push their agenda's.  I liked how well Alex understood how Piper was feeling. He observed  that on one hand her father called her his princess and then proceeded to then verbally tear her down.  To him that was NOT okay.
 There is also well detailed locales, well detailed food and drink.  Also some underwater adventures as well.   
I liked how the story ended, complete with a good Epilogue.   

  “I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.”

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