Monday, July 29, 2019

BOOK REVIEW- Veil of Deceit by Judy Lynn

 Prisoner 7578359, Commander Jayla Sans, is innocent. Framed by her own godfather and convicted of treason, she’ll spend the rest of her days on the prison spaceship Tarsha—however few she has left. During her last investigation for the military, she found a vast and insidious conspiracy, and now, various factions will kill to acquire or destroy the information in her head. Jayla must protect the truth at costs, even if that means severing ties with her loved ones. But is Jayla truly alone?

 Wow, this book pulled me in pretty quickly.  It was outstanding!

Kane, what a wily guy.   Every time you think he's contained.  Wham, he hits out of nowhere. How is he doing that?  He's aimed himself violently against Jayla but he isn't the only one.  There are plenty of dangerous people out there beside just him.    
This book was one wild ride that I totally enjoyed.  Unexpected things just kept happening too and kept me totally involved.  I never knew what was going to happen next and where any threat was coming from.  That helped keep the intensity high.  The world building was really well done! 
Jayla was such an interesting main character and I was pulling of her all the way.  Prepare yourself of some violence because the people who want what she knows won't stop when it comes to getting what they want.  Jayla was a skilled fighter but man she was restrained more than once and punched in the face more than once.  Yeah, the opposition didn't fight fair!   
There was also some really good people added into the story without becoming a mishmash of confusion. 
I liked how the story ended although one issue wasn't fully concluded but did have a hopeful outcome.  It also made me wonder if there would be further adventures.  I don't know but I will be keeping an eye out just in case.  
I also wanted to add that I really liked the eBook cover, it does stand out. 

 “I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.” 

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