Thursday, July 25, 2019

BOOK REVIEW- Garrett Bravo's Runaway Bride by Christine Rimmer

Part 8 of the Bravos of Justice Creek series
Once again, she's running… When bride-to-be Cami Lockwood finally escapes the clutches of her domineering family, she accidentally stumbles straight into the mountain retreat of the most alluring man she's ever met. Garrett Bravo's never been lucky in love. But that's before a one-of-a-kind heiress rushes headlong onto his doorstep. But this time, she's running toward something! Garrett's mother can't resist matchmaking for her relentlessly unavailable son. So what better way to evade her meddling than to pretend that his accidental arrangement with creative, unique Cami is the real thing? Just one catch: he hadn't bargained on falling head over heels for the runaway bride turned woman of his dreams…AMAZON 3 STARS

This book had really interesting main characters that I enjoyed.  Cami was such a perky, kind of quirky woman who is just trying to be her true self.  Something her family especially father isn't rooting for.  She had a standard a mold to fit and she just doesn't and doesn't want to.  Every time she ran away to be independent some disaster happened where she HAD to return home.  That was so unfair. She's a grown woman with almost zero control of her life even down to the style of clothes she wears. 
Garrett never stood a chance when it came to Cami and I say that with a smile.  It was fun to see him get drawn in even when he wasn't all that eager for a new relationship.   His family had quite the dysfunction to it as well.  And a whole lot of past scandals to overcome. 
I liked how Cami struggled to get free to make her own life and do what she enjoyed.  I practically watched her backbone strengthen.  
Even when it comes to the friendship and romance with Garrett you can see her getting freer and stronger.
It comes to a good conclusion with the mention of Nellie(Garrett's sister) had a story to tell.  "Married till Christmas" tells that story about her and Declan McGrath.  
A quick look into a book by Rachel Lee titled "A Conrad County Courtship" is included at the end of this book.  

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