Tuesday, July 23, 2019

BOOK REVEIW- SECURITY RISK (Bree & Tanner Book 2) by Janie Crouch

Risking it all—again.
Now his past is threatening both of them.

Deputy Tanner Dempsey paid a high price for an undercover op gone wrong. Nobody understands a dangerous past better than Bree Daniels. Together they have to take on those real-life demons in order to stay alive. Keeping one step ahead of ruthless killers is their only option and risk is their constant companion.   AMAZON

What a stunning beginning!  It was almost like a punch in the stomach and totally unexpected. 

I remember Tanner and Bree's story from Book 1.  And as I read this, it was like re-visiting these people's beginning story. It just takes us deeper into their relationship.  I can also say though that I believe this book can be read without having to read the first book.   Although dang, that first book was really good!
 I liked seeing Bree learning how to re-act to people and learn to be more social with them.  She was a computer genius who had suffered for that skill from childhood.   I made me smile when Tanner acknowledged her big brain as he called it.   I liked how Tanner knew how to give her space when she needed it.  Also how he didn't mind that she did things that seemed odd to other people.  Like when she was in the zone about something, nothing else mattered.  She'd keep researching until she got what she needed.  It didn't matter what time it was or how long it took.  
Someone has a huge hate on for Tanner and the cleverness of that person keeps things jumping.  Things just keep piling up against Tanner.  So called evidence that he is a murderer.  I had my eye on a certain person and lo and behold that was the right one who did everything.  BUT, the twist at the end was good and revealed a whole lot more of the in's and out's of their madness.  And a brutal madness that it was.   
 This whole book became an edge of your seat story.  I really enjoy every minute of it.  And I also enjoyed the developing relationship and romantic interactions between Tanner and Bree.

 “I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.”


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