Thursday, May 31, 2018


Texas Tall (The Tylers of Texas) by [Dailey, Janet]  4.5 star
She can’t forget him.

The born rancher who stole her heart, her ex-husband, the tough, tender father of her child . . . Tori Tyler can’t let Will Tyler go to prison for a crime that was a simple accident. But she can’t deny that her feelings for the man run much deeper than loyalty, and her desire for his strong, sure embrace has never died. Protecting him is second nature, until an unexpected terror threatens to shatter them both . . . and Tori needs Will’s fierce love more than ever before.

He can’t let her go.

The sassy, sexy wife he never meant to drive away, the gorgeous woman who haunts his memory and his fantasies . . . Will can accept the blame for the destruction of his marriage, but he can’t believe that he and Tori won’t have a second chance to make it right. With the ranch in trouble and his freedom on the line, somehow fighting for her is the only thing that matters.   AMAZON  4.5 STARS

 I really liked this book.  It was emotional, with lots of action and dangers.  The main characters were really great and that included Will and Tori's daughter Erin.   And the other people in the family were so close to each other no matter what the problems were.  And there was a boatload of trouble stacking up against Will.  And the pile just kept on getting higher and higher.  He had made a dangerous enemy, Stella who was screaming for his blood.  And not just his blood would do.  Stella wanted the whole family to pay.  And she had the evil means to make it happen without any remorse.  She had some blackmail information on several of the key players for Will's defense team to overcome.

For 8 years Will and Tori had both done whatever they could to make Erin's life as peaceful and stable as they could.  Even though they were still hurting from the wounds of their divorce, they would do anything for their beloved daughter.

This book had plenty of action, twists and turns and surprises.  And I liked that it had a surprise of 2 Epilogues.  That is not something that you see every day. But my favorite also had to be the second Epilogue, it left you with a knowing of what was going to happen there.  Nice touch, author. 

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