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The Highlander's Bride (McTiernay Brothers Book 1) by [Sinclair, Michele]

Highland laird Conor McTiernay had always dreamed of an enduring love. But the reality of women who desired him only for his title and lands made him swear off marriage forever. That is until he first set eyes on the Englishwoman his men found hiding in the forest. Beneath the dirt and grime it was clear Laurel Cordell was beautiful. But would she prove to be yet another beguiling seductress or had Conor finally found the one woman who could lay claim to his heart?


Laurel trusted that the Scottish chieftain would keep her safe from the cruel laird from whom she had escaped. Looking deep into Conor’s silver eyes she saw not only his calculating warrior ways but his quick arousal to passion. But before they can explore the growing desire between them, their newfound love is threatened by secrets from her past…AMAZON   4 STARS

I enjoyed this book and a lot of that had to do with the really strong main characters.   Both Conor and Laurel were strong leaders in their own ways.  They both had a commanding presence although it just looked different.  Conor had long declared that he would NOT marry, he had plenty of brothers to carry on the line and his needs could be met without marriage.   But Laurel turns everything upside down for him and he denies for a long time that his attraction to her is any deeper for her than just a quick tumble.  The more he knows her, the harder it is for him to deny his feelings but he does his best to fight against it.  He feels protective and possessive of her and his emotions do a wild up and down most of the time.   He is used to saying something and it being done without question.  Too bad that doesn't work with Laurel.

Laurel has had quite the unusual upbringing.  She may have lived in England but she was half-Scot and that is where her heart lies.   She remembers with great affection her Scottish grandfather and the things that he has taught her over the years.  That was before her connection was  by her English father.  She is beautiful and often fragile looking but she is far from fragile.  She has a strength that many overlook until they come face to face with her temper when it is riled.   She also begins to make friend after friend with Conor's clan after he rescues her.  She had a lot of good ideas to help Conor and his clan but so often it just made him mad.  Too many times he wouldn't let her explain what was going on, so of course their clashes intensified.  There were plenty of good secondary people in the story, which added so much to the book.  Some of those were Conor's many brothers and trusted personal guardsmen. 
The story kept me interested all the way though until the stunning conclusion of it.  It's a good thing that Connor and Laurel were both sharp witted because towards the end they were really going to need that to overcome their enemies. 

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