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Lady Eleanor's Seventh Suitor (The Sutherlands) by [Bradley, Anna]
Two sought-after sisters, a slew of suitors—and a vow to hold out for true love. How many proposals will it take to get to “I do”—especially when the stakes are high . . .
There have been six suitors so far, all vying for the attention—and generous dowry—of the beautiful, elusive Eleanor Sutherland. What does this woman really want? Who has what it takes to melt the heart of the so-called Lady Ice? These are the questions Camden West keeps asking himself. But rather than wait for answers, Cam takes matters into his own hands . . . for he has a secret weapon. 
Cam knows that Ellie’s sister, Charlotte, harbors a scandalous secret—one that could bring ruin to the Sutherland name. If Ellie marries him, Cam promises to keep mum. But is she willing to sacrifice her own happiness for her sister’s reputation? 
To Ellie’s surprise, it becomes clear that Cam doesn’t need her money, nor is he interested in her status. Soon, what begins as a sham engagement transforms into something deeper, and more passionate, than Ellie could have imagined. Is it possible that all Cam truly wanted was her? And is that reason enough to say yes—or is handsome Cam hiding something else? Even for a lady in love, only the truth will do . . .

I just crossed my fingers and hoped for the best when I picked this book to read.  It was a good choice because I ended up really liking it a lot.   Why did I cross my fingers and hope?  Because I have read books  with a somewhat similar idea.  An attempt to coerce a woman into marriage. I was hoping that this book would be more than the usual and it was.  It was emotional and had depth to it that I enjoyed. It also had other interesting secondary people as well.

I liked that Cam finally admitted that he was both a good man AND a villain; that he was both.   He was a complex man with a lot of pain in his past.  He is a clear cut realist, a man who sees everything as business and believes in an eye for an eye.  Someone must pay and he is often pretty cold about it.  His cousin Julian tried to talk him out of his planned course but couldn't even though the two of them were as close as brothers.  In his relationship with Julian and eleven year old Amelia, he shows how deeply he CAN love.  

Ellie is caught between a rock and a hard place and she's fighting with everything that she has to outwit her pursuer.  And she is often very clever.  She is tired of being called Lady Frost by those who don't understand why she turned down some many men's marriage proposals.  She was looking for love and had a pretty good handle on those who were after her for the wrong reasons.  Ellie is also a woman who loves her sister fiercely and wants to protect her even when Charlotte has done something wrong.  Charlotte is also looking for love but her flirting and sometimes outrageous behavior keeps getting her in trouble.  And now in order to protect Charlotte's reputation, Ellie is placed in this tough spot.  And emotions are running high in all the the characters.  That includes Julian, Charlotte, and Amelia as well as the main characters. 
Ellie and Cam will get their H.E.A. but it won't be easy and it won't be before some painful truths.  Being a romantic person and wanting a H.E.A. for everyone, I wasn't happy about what happened at the end with Charlotte.  But not to worry, it looks like she gets her own story.  At the end of this book is a quick look into that story called, "Lady Charlotte's First Love".  I have to say it looks pretty good and is already on my T.B.R. list.

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