Saturday, May 12, 2018


It will amaze you to know that several people and Christians have the spirit of jezebel manifesting through them. It is a spirit that destroys Christians, ministries and stops the move of the Holy Spirit in communities and churches. This book talks so much on how this spirit manifest through people. When you have the full knowledge of its operation, you will not be a victim. This book is written so that you can overcome this jezebel spirit or demon. 

This small book had some good points. Also good scriptural references as well. I even found some things that were said that were enlightening. We need to recognize that spirit at work in the world. I totally agree that this is a controlling manipulator that usurps authority at every opportunity. I like how the author explained how the cloud of confusion surrounds that spirit, I know others who have encountered this exact same thing. The destruction this spirit can cause is heartbreaking. Even more so, because of that spirit's ability to not be seen by so many people. They are seduced. What most people don't realize is that everything is just peachy relating with a person with this spirit or influence of this spirit, UNLESS you cross them!!!!

One thing I'm thinking was a little out of balance was the section on identifying the spirit of Jezebel in us. Yes, the things mentioned were all good things to check ourselves so that we are not doing ungodly things. I feel that we have to be careful about being too quick to judge that we have seeds of Jezebel in us or others when it might be unhealed areas of our souls that God is working on. Still, it was a timely warning over all.   

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