Thursday, May 10, 2018


A Debt Paid in Marriage (The Business of Marriage) by [Lee, Georgie]
What am I to him? A contract? A convenient solution?" 
Laura Townsend's plan to reclaim her family's merchandise backfires when she creeps into moneylender Philip Rathbone's house and threatens him with a pistol, only to find him reclining naked in his bath! 
The last thing she expects is to see this guarded widower on her doorstep a couple of days later armed with a very surprising proposal. A marriage of convenience may be Laura's chance to reclaim her future, but she won't settle for anything less than true passion. Can she hope to find it in Philip's arms? 

The idea of the two totally different main characters was something that first caught my attention.  It's a story subject that I don't remember running across before.  A money lender and a merchant's daughter was something a bit different. 
The book started out strong and then just kind of leveled off. I really wanted to like it more but after a while it just seemed to slow down too much for my taste.  Oh, the main characters were strong, as was the emotions.  Laura and her mother were doing everything they could just to stay alive.  But her uncle who was in charge of the family store after her father's death was a scoundrel.  

Philip was a good man in a sometimes dangerous business.  He was fair and honest but also despised by a lot of people too.  Mainly those who either failed in their ventures or tried to cheat him.  He also has a lot of pain and guilt because of his first wife's death.

Philip's sister Jane and his young son added a bit more to the story.
There is an interesting end to the story with a good epilogue.

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