Monday, May 28, 2018


Hard Rain: A Western Romance (The Montana Hamiltons Book 4) by [Daniels, B.J.]
Sooner or later, every family secret comes to light… 

When Brody McTavish sees Harper Hamilton's runaway horse galloping across the pastures, he does what any good cowboy would do—gives chase and rescues her. Unfortunately for him, the woman he's secretly loved for years didn't need saving, and she's just reached her limit with people treating her as hopeless. But they soon have bigger problems when they make a gruesome discovery—human remains revealed by a recent rainstorm. Remains that will dredge up old Hamilton family mysteries…and bring about a scandal that could threaten all Harper's loved ones. 

With her father running for president, every move Harper makes is under scrutiny. But despite the risks, she's determined to uncover the truth about her family's role in a long-ago murder. If she can trust him enough, Brody will be more than an ally. He could be the only thing standing between Harper and an enemy intent on keeping the past buried forever.    AMAZON 4 STARS

Another intense book in the series of the Montana Hamiltons.  I didn't realize it of course when I picked up the book.  But since I had read other books in this series it was good to read this part.  As I read it, I remembered that I had read these books out of sequence (of course, since I tend to do that)  and had already read the book that told all.
It was good to get this missing part of the story though.  It was an emotional book with plenty of mystery and action.

It was so endearing that both Brody and Harper had been crazy about each other for years. Like Brody told her though, he had been waiting for her to grow up.  It made me smile when Harper told him she made up her mind at 9 years old that she was going to marry him.  They were both interesting, honorable people who were not going to have an early way of it to make a life together. 

There were plenty of interesting secondary people to the story.  As was the look into memories of people in the story like Harper's grandfather, her grandmother Grace, Maggie and even some of the memories that Harper's mother Sarah did remember.   It let us look into what hadn't been known or revealed yet and some things that would never be knows.  

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