Wednesday, August 3, 2016


"Breakthrough, Breakout, Press In And Push!"
Dana Jarvis
Throughout the evening yesterday, the Lord kept speaking to me the words: Breakthrough, Breakout, Press In and Push. You have been through so much and He has heard you crying out in that dark midnight hour. Remain breakthrough-minded for you are standing right on the edge of it. I can feel the weariness of some, so the Lord has imparted to me a declaration, to speak into your life for breakthrough this day. We are going to His spiritual ATM to draw strength for you.
I declare and decree into your lives right now that every spiritual weakness be turned to strength. Every satanic assignment be terminated right now. Every architect of problems in your life will die by fire in the name of Jesus. I paralyze all the spiritual wolves working against you. That which hinders you shall begin to give way. Imprisoned and buried potentials of your life shall begin to come forth. Your hand shall become that sword of fire cutting down the demonic trees trying to shed over your life. I speak breakthrough over you, and for the Spirit of God to arise and take you to your place of blessings. For you have gone through the fire and the water, and now it is your time. That He shall arise and remove the veil, showing you all He has stored up for you. Anointing for spiritual and physical breakthrough - fall upon you now. May the Lord ignite your prayer life with fresh fire. You shall be a prayer addict of His Glory. He shall empower your prayer altar to do great exploits for Him. Finally, He shall give you the power to overcome these obstacles, power to succeed, power to see and discern and the power to overcome.
Hope may sometimes appear as the tiniest sliver of light, barely noticeable in your immense darkness. You lose sight of the shore and begin to pay more attention to the fog. Be of good courage for I hear the Lord say, "I am here; I see, I care, and I am not going anywhere!"
Eagles soar, for they always focus on their goal. Keep pressing and keep pushing even when the voices tell you to give up. You are one step closer than you were yesterday, it is right there at your fingertips. There is a place and time the tide will turn! Breakthrough is coming!
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