Wednesday, August 24, 2016


Snow Pup (Holiday Heartwarmers Book 2) by [Barbour, Mimi] 
In this delightful Christmas love story, Deputy Shawna Mallory finds Billy McCrae - a runaway boy sleeping in a mound of snow with an anxious puppy guarding him. He’s a sad child surviving a terrible existence until she puts a stop to it and becomes his foster parent. She’s drawn to the snarky kid and just wants his life to be happier, his and the stray mutt who won’t leave his side. Not that the boy cares about the dog… or her. Then she meets his father, the one who abandoned the boy when he was five.

John Reid McCrae wants only one thing in his life to make it worth living. Years ago he’d lost his son to a bitter wife and now his goal is to get Billy back. He’ll do whatever it takes, no matter who gets hurt. Until he meets the town’s stunning deputy. Can he put his needs ahead of her happiness?    AMAZON

I really liked this story.  Probably my favorite so far of the Series.  Shawna, Billy and John were each unique in their own ways and totally likable.  Their pain was easy to understand as the story unfolded. Even when Billy was snarky, you could so get the why of it. You could also see what time to time, the sweetness to this kid, that he was hiding.
It was a dramatic meeting when Billy, Shawna and Snow met in the first chapter.  
It just seemed like I flew through the story.  I thought maybe it was the number of the pages.  But then when I re-checked the number (95) I thought, "No, its was too full for that." 
I just really enjoyed the story and the author did a good job in the pages that were there.  
Sure there were no real big surprises but I didn't have a problem with that.   I guess for me, it was about the characters.  f you want a deeper story, this is probably not for you.  But for others?  I think you just might enjoy this charming story. 

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