Tuesday, August 16, 2016


Confessing to the Cowboy (Cowboy Cafe Book 4) by [Cassidy, Carla]
Someone is killing waitresses at the Cowboy Café. Three women are dead, and Sheriff Cameron Evans means to find out why. But as he works to solve the case, the hunky sheriff must push beyond his feelings for the café's owner. There's a murderer on the loose. Passion has no place here.

For Mary Mathis, the crime is personal. Not only are the victims her employees, they may be a sign of something deeper. Eight years ago she came to Grady Gulch fleeing a violent past that has scarred her for life. Now she has to discover if that history is dooming the women who work for her. She already knows it has made new love impossible—no matter what she may hat she may secretly desire. AMAZON

I liked this story and the main characters. There was also a town full of characters as well. Mary is running scared and she had plenty of reasons to be hiding. As time goes on she realizes that there is even more reasons to be afraid that she originally thought. Not only herself but her son had been building a new life in Grady Gulch. They had been hiding in plain sight in this small town. Mary's son, Matt had made some attachments with people of the town. Mary was much more cautious, she was careful in all of her interactions with other people. Sheriff Cameron Evans had a strong attraction to Mary but he just couldn't seem to make any headway with her. All these years, he has been in love with her. He just didn't know what to make of her. Even when she pushed him away, he could at times see a wistful longing in her at times too.
There was a good mystery going on about who the murderer was and at one time, I had wondered about one person in particular. But I also kind of let it go as other potential suspects cropped up. In the end, it was the person that I had suspected but that didn't take the shock value away as the person showed up and was revealed in a surprise attack.

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