Sunday, August 14, 2016


Her Loyal SEAL (Midnight Delta Book 2) by [O'Leary, Caitlyn]  
Kidnapped and Nearly Broken
Lydia Hidalgo is still defiant as she and her family are sentenced to death at the hands of the Mexican drug cartel. Not knowing if she will survive, her one request is that her sister will be cared for.
A Daring Rescue
Clint Archer and his team mates will stop at nothing to rescue Lydia and her family from their captors. Having to carry this brave woman for five days through the jungle creates a bond that he cannot resist.
Clinging To Life
The closer they get to civilization, the slimmer Lydia’s chance of survival becomes. The Midnight Delta SEAL team work desperately to get her the help she needs, while Clint finds himself losing his heart more each day.    AMAZON 3 STARS

The book has a dramatic start, and plenty of action.  And it becomes even more intense as the Navy Seals and the   Hidalgo family  rush through the jungle to the exaction  point.   You could almost feel how grueling that trip was for Lydia.  And how bad Clint felt that he could do so little to really help her.   I do have to say that the "romance" really was kind of hard to believe developed so quickly.  One other reviewer had said something similar.  And it was because most of the time in the jungle Lydia was unconscious or semi conscious most of the time.  I did see that he admired her courage a lot.  And when they went into hiding from the cartel that was trying to kill her and her family, we did get to begin to see another side to Lydia.  We got to see how smart and skilled she was when it came to the computer and searching the web.   Something that both of the M.C.'s had in common.  The rest of the Seal team were an interesting addition to the story.  And there was plenty of action, as they were betrayed time and again by corrupt officials.  The team itself was tight and loyal to each other.  Both Lydia and Clint were kind of cute together but it's not a story that I would read again.  The story does end but it also leaves the door open to more stories as well.  

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