Tuesday, August 2, 2016


He wants to know who tried to kill him. She wants to protect his family's reputation. They both can't get what they want. Someone tried to kill him, and now that he's freshly out of prison, Logan Farrell is determined to track down the real criminal. Hellbent on spending his family's fortune to discover who's got a hit out on him, Logan will stop at nothing until he has the answers her wants. But the Farrell family has other plans... Public Relations Specialist, Julie Anne has one job: keep the Farrell name out of the tabloids. With their sketchy background, it's a harder task than she ever realized. But when Logan's quest for the truth puts the entire family in danger, Julie steps in with a plan that could destroy everything Logan's worked for. Suddenly, Logan's enemies are out for blood, and Julie's caught in the middle. Now, it's up to Logan to end the vendetta once and for all.  AMAZON  4.5 STARS

I really like this character driven book, and what characters they were.  Logan AND Julie both together was something else.  He didn't really want her there but she had a job to do and she was fierce in her determination do it.    She was getting paid BIG money to take care of things. A plus in my book was that she really did want to help him and that grew as time went on.  He wasn't used to that not only because of prison because of the way he was raised.  His father Walter, was one evil piece of work, even dead the effects of some of his poison still lingered. The conversations between Logan and Julie often brought a smile to my face.  Often, it left Logan shaking his head because he'd never met anyone quite like her.  He wasn't sure he could handle her kind of normal, he wasn't even sure she was someone to be trusted. Did she really care about him as a person or as a paycheck?  When the rubber hit the road, would she ditch his concerns for the family's interests? The dual P.O.V.'s were well done and enjoyable.  
Just remember some of the  language is going to get a little rough and there will be some sex.  
There was also a quick look at the next book, ''Restless", I'm looking forward to reading that one too.  

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.  

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