Tuesday, August 16, 2016


Texas Double Date (Port Serenity Series Book 4) by [DeFee, Ann]
Landry Valliere—New Orleans defense attorney—never thought that an innocent bet with his law partner would turn his life upside down. All he has to do is survive in Port Serenity, Texas, for a month without credit cards or cash. Much to his dismay he discovers that getting a job with his limited life skills is going to be a challenge. It takes a couple of nights in a flea-bag hotel, and a dollop of desperation, for Landry to apply for the shampoo girl job at Sunny McAllister’s salon and dog grooming spa, Double Date. 
Sunny’s new employee is definitely eye candy, but there’s something off kilter about him. Her first thought was that he was running from the law. He’s too smart, too charming, too everything to be doing a menial job in her salon. And speaking of charming, add sexy to that description, and she’s hooked. The truth about Landry comes out when Sunny’s good friend is accused of murder and needs a hot-shot lawyer. 
Will Sunny kick him to the curb for his duplicity? And can a big city attorney and a small town girl have a chance at love? Of course, romances always have a happy ending.   AMAZON  4 stars. The Amazon Kindle version will be available, September 6, 2016.

An emotional start to the book.  Fast forward to Sunny as an adult, surrounded by wacky friends and employees.  Loved them.  Most of the town was in fact, a bit wacky, they marched to the beat of a different drummer.   That didn't take away from the fact that most of them were fun, charming and their own kind of normal, everyday people.  Although there was much of the story that could be considered predictable, it was charming and the outcome of the murder was surprising.  As was the journey of finding out what really happened and who was involved.  Like I said it was charming and I literally flew through the story.  It left me with a smile.
Also included is the excerpt to her book, "A Texas State of Mind."

I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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