Thursday, August 18, 2016


A Game of Chance (Mackenzie Family Book 5) by [Howard, Linda]
On the trail of a vicious criminal, agent Chance Mackenzie found the perfect bait for his trap: Sunny Miller. So Chance made himself the only man she could trust—and then arranged for her long-missing father to find out about them.
What Chance hadn't foreseen was that Sunny had reasons of her own for hiding from her father—and now Chance's deception had brought them both one step closer to the end of everything they held dear.  AMAZON   4 Stars

Intense.  Both of the main characters I liked, they were not the ''normal'' people you would run across.  Unusual start to the way Chance started life and became a Mackenzie.  That did get my attention.   The whole Mackenzie family was interesting.   One of the cutest and funny personalities was Chance's niece, "Nick".  She made me smile quite often.  

Sunny also had an intense life, always looking over her shoulder.  She was tough but still found ways to enjoy life as best as she can.  The one time, she let herself trust a bit, she gets into a "relationship" with Chance and it bit her in the butt.  OK, not exactly a relationship, there was sex.  And fair amount of it. I guess I have to chalk it up to the dangerous situations, the attraction that was already there, Chance's practised seduction,  for Sunny's quick fall into "bed" with Chance.  Otherwise it would be hardier to believe.  Remember I said that I liked Chance?  Well, I did because I saw where he came from and what he was hoping to do.  But there was manipulation from the word go when it came to his setting things up with Sunny.  And he sure was cold in the beginning when it came to using her.   His being in control of his feelings around her, don't last all that  long though, which really shocks him.  Good.  
After everything hits the fan, things wrap up fairly quickly.   
So I guess, my review would be that I liked it with a few reservations.

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