Friday, August 26, 2016


The Duke's Disaster (True Gentlemen) by [Burrowes, Grace] 
Noah Winters, Duke of Anselm, exercises the pragmatism for which he's infamous when his preferred choice of bride cries off, and her companion, Lady Thea Collins, becomes his next choice for his duchess. Lady Thea's mature, sensible and even rather attractive-what could possibly go wrong?
As a lady fallen on hard times, Thea doesn't expect tender sentiments from His Grace, but she does wish Noah had courted her trust, lest her past turn their hastily arranged marriage into a life of shared regrets. Is His Grace courting a convenient wife, or a beautiful disaster?   AMAZON 4.5 STARS on Amazon

I'll be honest, at first I wasn't sure if I was going to like this book or not.  I thought, "I just might have made a mistake choosing this one."
I'm glad to say that didn't last for long and I ended up really, really liking it a lot.  Noah had a lot more good to him than anyone ever suspected.  He is a lot more responsible for someone with the rascally Winters blood in him.  And the awkward interactions between Noah and Thea soon became much more interesting to listen to as they got to know each other better.  Thea's brother didn't have the IQ of a flea.  You really begin to realize it more as the story goes on.  Especially when you realize the dangers that his negligence put her in. There are some good secondary characters in the book, who added to the story. 
The trauma that Thea suffered became clear to me so much sooner than it did the Duke.    I kept wanting to yell at him, "Come on, figure it out. You are smart, it's not what you think."  But I forgave him pretty quickly and really enjoyed BOTH Thea and Noah.  When they weren't mad at each other or misunderstanding each other, they were a hoot!
Some of their "talks" still makes me smile. 

There is a surprise or two and a major twist towards the end of the book.  It was a good thing that I was sitting down.  

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