Thursday, August 11, 2016


Designed For You (For You Series #1) by [Grafford, Jo]
Jillian Lang’s interior design company soars to a new level of success after hiring the world’s sexiest, most gorgeous office manager. Holland Sparks makes everything spike — her sales, her heartbeat, her temperature… 
When a pesky stalker suddenly moves his game from the cyber world to the real world, Holland becomes the one person she trusts implicitly. An anchor in the midst of her chaos. A man whose ruthless business instincts turn to devastating tenderness after hours. 
Until his own secrets start to unfold, leaving Jillian to wonder if her beautiful business partner is actually the one spinning the deadly web that’s fast closing around her.  AMAZON 4.5 STARS

The first chapter clearly shows that a stalker is harassing Jillian through texts.  It starts out with Jillian dealing with trying to keep her business alive and a stalker out. When Holland shows up, things get interesting , she feels he just might be overqualified for the job but she sure does need his help in her business.  Besides, like wow, she's knows he's quite an attractive man, someone whose appeal she is fighting.    Holland really did help her a lot in her business and quickly came to know more about her and just what she needed, most of the time.  Don't get too comfortable though, it doesn't take long for the action to ratchet up and continue throughout.  Early on I thought I knew who the stalker was.  I wasn't even close!   And the surprises just kept coming!!  I liked both of the M.C.'s and the friends, family and co-workers who surrounded them.    This story had HEA and no cliffhangers but I did have question or two that was left unaswered.  No real biggie for me though.  And I've decided not to post it here because I'm not about to ruin it by giving away too much of the story for others who haven't read it yet.

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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