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Haley Foster had lived her entire life in a box. Guided by her preacher father and the residents of her tiny hometown as to what to do, what to wear and even who to marry, she'd lost herself along the way. But no more. Now she was going to live on her own terms and do all the things good preachers' daughters didn't do. Starting with Kevin Harmon.

The injured U.S. Marshal needed a ride from Kansas to his home in Texas. Haley had a car. She figured she owed him a favor. And he knew a lot more about being bad than she did. A few days, just the two of them, in her tiny convertible and intimate hotel rooms…It would be fun, it would be passionate, it would be an experience.
At least, that was her plan. He just didn't know it yet  Amazon 3 STARS

HERS FOR THE WEEKEND (Kindle Version ALSO Available)  AMAZON
She wanted a temporary arrangement…
Piper Jamieson needs a man. And not just any man. She needs someone to play her significant other when she heads home for her family reunion. Thanks to a self-imposed period of celibacy, she has no prospects…except for her sexy best friend, Josh Weber. Since there's nothing between them, kissing him will be a breeze, right?
But he wanted her permanently!
Spending an entire weekend with Piper sounds perfect to Josh…ifs the whole family thing that doesn't. Lately his dates haven't been as exciting as they used to be, and he knows why. His best friend's been on his mind—day and night. But Piper has made it clear she's not looking for a relationship. Luckily he's hers for the weekend, and he has three full nights to change her mind!

Its kind of tough leaving a review for both books on the same spot but here goes.
Even though the plots of the stories were different, they did have a charming element to them, with sex mixed in later.    There wasn't really all that many surprises to the stories but the M.C.'s were enjoyable.  A fairly quick group of stories to read.
In Completely Smitten, the heroine was naive from being sheltered and following the directions of others until she finally had enough and bolted.  The hero of the piece was likable, reliable and trying to be the good guy of the piece.  He was honest about his bad boy past and was concerned if he so much as touched her the way he wanted to, he'd go straight to hell.  That was mentioned several times.  Even though she was an innocent, her directness when curiosity won out, was really funny.  I did like the author's funny way of putting things and the humor filled conversations between the 2 M.C.'s.
Although I liked both of the stories, Completely Smitten was something I liked better based on that alone.

Hers for the Weekend, also a fairly easy story to read with 2 M.C.'s running from the truth of how deep their attraction really was.  They did start out as friends, which was interesting to read, especially since they came to know each other pretty well.  Piper's family was something else, no wonder she rarely came home to visit.  Not that they were evil, they loved her but some of them really didn't get the idea about boundaries.  Josh suffered from the always having people leaving him.  He'd had that happen so many times, that he was really busy protecting his heart.

There is a HEA ending to both stories, which I liked.

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