Sunday, August 21, 2016


Find Me a Home (Holiday Heartwarmers Book 3) by [Barbour, Mimi]
Can a crabby puppy perform cupid's magic this Christmas season? 

Wheelchair bound, Amelia Lloyd is embarrassed when the neighbour calls the police to deal with her out-of-control brother. Her old dog tries to protect her but it takes the combined efforts of a handsome police Sergeant and a crabby puppy to put a stop to her sibling’s shenanigans. At first, she hates to be caught in such a situation. But then she accepts an important truth. The big-hearted man, her savior, wouldn’t have come into her life otherwise.
Sergeant Harley Carlton is exhausted from dealing with a car accident where everyone is killed except for the darling cherub who decides she’s his daddy. How can a man with a heart as big as his, correct the precious little orphan? Within a few hours, he gets a call to save a blonde-haired beauty from her crazy brother. So how can a man fall in love twice in one night? AMAZON  4 STARS, Short & Sweet

Charming story with good M.C's.  And that includes the doggie M.C.'s because they are a part of the story too, just like promised.  Harley was a good guy, tough and menacing when he needed to be but also tender and caring.  The tender, caring side is what Katrina encounters when he rescues her from the accident.  Katrina invades Harley's heart quickly and deeply. When she began to call him "Daddy" at the accident scene, it isn't long before he wants it to be true.  Amelia, also has a heart as big as all outdoors, something she has in common with Harley.  She's at her wit's end though with her half-brother Jimmy.  Something has got to change and soon.  Harley helps her with that and not just at this one meeting when he answered the police call. 
There is a HEA ending all around, with Grumpy right in the middle of it all.  Just like usual.  

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