Tuesday, August 9, 2016


Resisting Darkness (A Forest of Darkness Book 3) by [Wendley, Kate]
His honor demanded vengeance at any cost, but his heart wanted more… 

Planning revenge is a way of life for Ethan as he waits for his one true love’s killer to return to Atlanta. On the verge of finally having her murderer’s life in his hands, a sassy vampire walks in the door and into his world. Ethan’s growing need to keep Harmony in his life throws him into a tailspin as he faces gut wrenching decisions about what he’d really do for love. 
Harmony snuck into the rumored supernatural nirvana of Atlanta, GA with weapons and an attitude. Forever searching for the elusive something or someone that could satisfy her restless vampire soul, she was ready for anything that came her way… or so she thought. Ethan was a sexy Master Vampire and the first man ever to calm her urge to keep moving on. She could make a life with him if only he could get his dead lover off his mind. Sometimes life really sucked.   AMAZON   4STARS

Mixed feelings about this story but I did like most of it.  The story starts out quickly and emotionally, especially with Ethan.  He showed pure emotion in the opening chapter.  In that same chapter the reader gets to see some of the things that Harmony was dealing with and she was feed up and ready to be on the move again.  I liked how sassy and spunky she was, independent and well stocked up on weapons to defend herself.  So, yes I ended up liking both Ethan and Harmony.There were good other people in the story, Anthony was one of those. He was a Vampire Master of Atlanta. Well, he was one of them, and that brought drama of its own.  There was also plenty of  twists and turns to the story, something I always enjoy.
And it did have a very interesting twist at the end.

What I personally didn't care for was the element of reincarnation, spirit guides and a few other earth mother kind of ideas.  But that has to do with my own belief system.
The only other things was that a bit of a problem for me was that, after a good start, the story seemed to slow down quite a bit.  It felt like it was spinning its wheels a bit, but maybe because of the torment that Ethan was going through over his lost love.

One last comment is that I thought that this book had a great ebook cover picture.

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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