Sunday, August 2, 2015


Was it her biker boots, her belligerent blue jeans…or her mean left hook? Jason Halloran never knew what hit him. But just as his perfectly predictable life seemed to be going nowhere, sassy, street- smart Dana Roberts began driving him up a wall!  Dana Roberts had been on her own since age sixteen, and she intended to keep it that way. The last thing she wanted was some sexy, rich corporate VP playing Prince Charming and making her his helpless Cinderella. But what would she do if the shoe fit?
Vows: Love, Honor and Cherish—words that three generations of Halloran men vowed to live by.  AMAZON

I liked the way the book started in the beginning.   It was a sweet and surprising way to start the story.
And the way Jason and Dana first met?  Hilarious!   Her reaction to Jason was feisty and totally unexpected!   Jason was bored with his life, not seeming to find anything to get excited about.  Well, Dana turned that whole things around.  Jason was described by others as someone who had a steady nature, rarely ever losing his temper.   Dana changed that too!   Her brother Sammy also added to what Jason probably thought was calamity.   When it was said that Dana was street-wise, she had to be.  She sure had shouldered a lot of responsibility at a young age.  She was also very talented, and unorthodox in her approach.  She was just looking for a break when it came to her designs.  I liked the whole story and it had me smiling a time or two. As you can tell, I really enjoyed the sparks that flew when Dana and Jason were around.   Other members of Halloran family, mainly the men had some of their own story in this one.  I especially liked  Brandon, the meddling but not obnoxious grandfather. I also liked some of the interesting phrases like, "He (Jason) felt as if he'd been slam-dunked by one of the Celtics and was still tangled in the net." 

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