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BOOK REVIEW- FORCE OF FIRE- Little does defense intelligence analyst Mark Neal suspect that the new "Missing Person Central America" case of Ana Kane is about to change his life -- indefinitely. 
When Defense Department protocol is turned on its head and Mark is sent to Iberia at the behest of his cryptic boss, Mark figures there is more than patriotism at play. Prison Ana begins to suspect that, too. But when the Basque terrorists who are holding her threaten her life for the exchange of one deadly secret, will the Americans come through? Or is Ana truly a worthless Spanish-American pawn? AMAZON

Wow, wow, wow.  Quite the story.    I can see why now the author has these awards to her credit:
Winner of the Word Weaving Award for Excellence 
Winner of the Silver Award A 2001 EPPIE Thriller Finalist  
Plenty of adventure, with surprise after surprise ready and waiting for the reader.  In other words, great twists to the story.  The kind I didn't really see coming.  Love that!  Ana, what a strong person she was and she was going to need to be.   I can understand also why several men in her life wanted her.  She was strong (like I said), intelligent and beautiful.  She sort of looked at life in a unblinking kind of way that drew people in.    If they weren't scared off by her smartness.   Mark was drawn in by just the photo in her file.  Of course he also had a bio of her life in that file too.  Both Mark and Ana were people you just sort of pulled for.  Both were smart but also dissatisfied with their personal relationships.  Scott Denton, was someone that flitted back and forth into Ana's life but she feels like she might have wasted years on that relationship.  There were several secondary people in the story who were of interest.    It  kept you busy trying to figure out who the good guys were from the bad guys. This is definitely an adult story .  I don't want to add to  much more about the book because I don't want to give ANYTHING away.  

Now, I have read a review by someone else who thought it jumped around too much and that made it hard to follow.  While I respect and understand what they were saying, for me, I  don't totally agree.   Yes, there was some jumping around, so I can see what they meant but it was also important to the story.  I do say that I really had to pay attention to all the players though.  It wasn't an easy, lazy afternoon beach reading kind of story.   It did keep me interested and alert though.  

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. 

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