Sunday, December 27, 2015


"A shepherd's hut, twenty-four hours, a stranger..." It's not the perfect start to Gemma Winters' new life--another man is the last thing she needs after the suffocating control of her ex. But, when she finds herself isolated with a ruggedly handsome stranger, the demands of her body take over. 
Since his wife died, Callum Mackenzie's relationships have been strictly practical, with his only real love affair being with his land. But his family wants him to re-marry and he wants heirs. When Gemma turns up, he begins to think marriage might be a possibility after all. Their twenty-four hours of passion has shattering consequences--marriage and two people who are forced to face their worst fears... AMAZON

Everything happens so fast in the beginning. The attraction, the falling into bed together, unprotected sex with a stranger.  Now I'm all for romance but this was like I said too fast (for me).   Although I guess I was warned wasn't I?   The book info did say 24 hours didn't it?  Even though they are strangers, they were somewhat sweet together in the beginning.  Sweet but a bit hard to believe but the it all fell apart-not so hard to believe then.  Misunderstandings begin to pile up on both sides.  Anger and hurt begin to dull most of their kindness to each other and often coldness on Callum's part or anger on Gemma's side crops up.
Callum's family were good together (except their mother) they were a tight family in their own way.
They cared about each other's happiness and had each other's back (except the mother).
Its an emotional story, which I think I can rate as an Okay read.

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