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BOOK REVIEW- Finding Promise

BOOK REVIEW-  Finding Promise-  A trail of danger and dreams…She may be an heiress, but Parker Promise Sinclair cares more about living an adventurous life than snaring a suitable husband. So it’s no surprise when she joins a Wyoming wagon trail—only to survive a massacre that leaves her with no memory, a target on her back—and her abiding faith tested by the only man who can possibly protect her.  His gunfighting skills and trail savvy have saved U.S. Marshal Jake McBride more times than he can count. And his instincts tell him the only way to keep Promise alive is to take her along on his high-stakes cattle drive. But she soon proves she can ride and shoot with the best of them—and Jake finds it increasingly difficult to keep himself from falling for her. Soon, with danger closing in, they'll have only one chance to face their doubts, their fears—and their growing love…AMAZON   4 Star

I did like this story, although a few times it did feel like it dragged a bit.   Promise and Jake were both interesting, each  in their own ways.  Promise was more skilled than most people thought, probably because people only saw her outward beauty at first. 
Jake was an honorable man, who once he saw the massacre that Promise survived did everything he could to protect her.   That's the Jake that I got to know early on and really liked.  But then later he did like a Jekyll and Hyde change that wasn't quite so charming.  Oh, he wasn't evil but his guard did go up pretty fast.  I understood the reasons, but Shorty had it handled in just a sentence.  "You're just about the stupidest son-of-a-buck I've ever slapped eyes on."  Yes, that pretty much nails it.  
I understood that to some degree Promise felt guilty for other people's injuries and death's along the way.   Of course she felt responsible once she got her memory back and that was displayed pretty well.  A few times it felt like it got mentioned a little too much. 
There were plenty of other interesting people in the book, including the introduction of Jake's brothers, Colt and Luke.    The men on the cattle drive and at the ranch were pretty well drawn personalities as were the few women at the ranch.  A few good friendships were developed there.  Victoria and Colt's twin boys were a sweet addition.

I liked the subtle influence of God in places in this book. Including the reference that Jake didn't believe in coincidence but called them God-incidences.  

There is an Excerpt for, "Last Promise" at the end of this book.  

I received an advance copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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