Monday, December 28, 2015

a Christmas Devotional excerpt


Dear Child, 

You have delighted My heart by your willingness to give. Forsake all fears of having given unwisely and commit the memories of your offerings to Me. No longer look back. Forsake questioning. I AM the One who has led you to give all you have given and I will bless your offerings. I will multiply all back to you again—soon. Very soon, in fact. 

Meanwhile, avoid the pitfalls of haste and presumption and abide in My peace. Be steadfast. Decide to abide. Refuse all rationalization or any thought luring you into the frenzy of frantic grasping and self-reliance. Any action taken with even a hint of impatience or fear can never be an act of faith. No, faith is a solid knowledge of the heart, not a groping, grasping guess of the mind. Faith is far more than believing. Faith is knowing. It is a knowing arising from an inner reality seeded into your spirit by My Spirit. Yes, faith—true faith—is the unshakable conviction that those things you have desired have already been provided. And believe Me, cherished conqueror—they have! 

Gladly, Dad

(excepted from Abba Calling by Charles Slagle)

Charles Slagle, and his wife, Paula, have traveled extensively since 1971 throughout the United States, Latin America, and the United Kingdom. Their passion is to reveal God’s true character. Through word and song, as well as through the prophetic aspect of their ministry, Charles and Paula continue to lead others into a vital relationship with the heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus Christ. They currently live in Bedford, Texas, with their cherished dog, Missy.

Charles is the author of Abba Calling.

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