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What does Dr. Olivia Alvarado— full-time vet and part-time coroner for Port Serenity, Texas—do when she discovers that the man she loves is married? She doesn’t often give her heart away, and this time she did it in spades. Talk about being annoyed—big time! How dare the scoundrel sweep her off her feet when he already has a wife. 
Sheriff C.J. Baker has discovered the hard way that no good deed goes unpunished. Back when he was a narcotics cop, he married Selena to get her away from the clutches of a Colombian drug cartel. His relationship with Selena has always platonic, and now that he’s divorced he wants to make amends with Olivia, his fiery-tempered brunette beauty. 
To complicate—or perhaps facilitate—the situation, Olivia and C.J. are working together on a suspicious death case. And to make matters worse, Selena’s brother is trying to drag her back to South America. 
Sparks are flying between C.J. and Olivia, and life in Port Serenity is never dull, especially when mayhem and romance are involved.    AMAZON

What wacky town!  A whole cast of quirky, entertaining people.  A delightful read.  It was funny that Olivia considered   everyone  over the age of forty in that town to be  certifiably insane.     C.J.  was one charming, determined man.  He is the sheriff of this "crazy town".  He often has some unorthodox ideas when it comes to solving crimes.   In her mind, Olivia called C.J. "Mr. Too-Cute-For-His-Own-Good."    She also saw him as a slow-walking, quick-grinning Texas charmer.  But he was also able to quickly become all business when it came to a professional issue.  Someone good to have on your side.   Really good secondary characters.  There were plenty of them without being confusing.  Just as their were several "adventures"; once again not confusing.    Truly, a good clean, enjoyable read.

P.S.  The dog on the cover?  It was a good add-in part of the story.  Made me smile.

There is an excerpt of Texas Road Trip at the end of the book.

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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