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Two ranching tycoons. A decades-old feud. A sheriff bent on ridding the town of lawlessness . . .
In the midst of the trouble brewing in Laramie City in 1878, Julia Carson yearns to be free of her parents’ smothering and wonders whether she’ll ever find a man worthy to love in such a violent town rife with outlaws.
But when Robert Morrison sneaks onto her ranch the night of her sixteenth birthday party, Cupid shoots his arrows straight and true. Aware that their courtship would be anathema to their fathers, who are sworn enemies, Robert and Julia arrange a tryst.
Yet, their clandestine dalliance does not go unnoticed, and forces seek to destroy what little hope their romance has to bloom. The star-crossed lovers face heartache and danger as violence erupts. When all hope is lost, Joseph Tuttle, the new doctor at the penitentiary, is given a letter and a glass vial from Cheyenne medicine woman Sarah Banks.
The way of escape poses deadly dangers, but it is the only way for Robert and Julia to be together. It will take the greatest measure of faith and courage to come through unscathed, but love always conquers fear.  AMAZON 4 STARS

This book has a lot of action, good main characters, and a few different people who are plotting their own brand of  evil. 
 The feud between the two families is so volatile and few know what really started it all. 
There is also another part of the story that involves Joseph Tuttle and the penitentiary.  I really don't like books  that are about prison so I did hesitate at getting this book because of that.  And you do get the feel of how horrible it was back then.  It was pretty desperate and hopeless even for those convicted of petty crimes. It also ended up being a crucial part of the story.  Joseph also was a really good character in the book too.  He was a god-fearing man of faith although there were going to be times he was going to feel that faith challenged.  
It was amazing how many people were working so hard against the two young people in love.  They even used some of their insecurities against them.  But through it all, God was working in the background through other people.  Not everyone was working against them, there were people who were fighting for them.  That also included another interesting person, Catherine Povey.  We mainly get to know about her because of her fight for justice.  We really don't know much more about her personally except she has a very ill husband who once was very important in government.
It was nice to re-visit with Eli, who I had read about in another one of the author's books.  His mother Sarah Banks never physically showed up in the story.  But her influence is definitely felt. 
Be prepared for some surprises and twists to the story before Robert and Julia get their H.E.A.  It's going to be a rough ride.

I received an ARC  of this book and this is my honest opinion of it.

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