Wednesday, April 25, 2018


Last Chance Cowboy: A Clean Romance (Kansas Cowboys) by [Riker, Leigh]
Why couldn't Shadow have stayed away? 

Rancher Grey Wilson has fought hard to rebuild his life in the ten years since that horrible night she left, the night their love, their families, their whole town was torn apart by tragedy. And he's almost succeeded. But now that Shadow Moran is back in Barren, everything seems to be going wrong. The family ranch his father entrusted to him is struggling. Worse, Shadow still blames him for what happened that night, and Grey's starting to have his own doubts about his innocence. Then Shadow reveals a secret that shakes him to his core…AMAZON 3.5 STARS

I wanted to like this story more but I'm sorry to say it just didn't draw me in. Oh, the emotions were there as were the struggles for both of the main characters.  They both had a lot on their plates separately even before the Big Secret gets revealed. 

Shadow's family was dysfunctional to the max and for a lot of the story I didn't like her mother at all.   At one point I thought, "Geesh , she's useless".  For the longest time she was so deliberately helpless and was just another anvil on her daughter's shoulders.  And although Shadow didn't get everything right, she did the best she could from a very early age. 

Grey has been battling the silent and not so silent accusations of murdering Shadow's brother.  And the pile just kept getting higher with the rustling that was going on.  

I guess one of the things that dragged the story down for me was all the repetition of the regret and angst of their past.  It just felt like it went on way too long and often.   I will say that it is a clean read with touches of romance.

I voluntarily read a copy of this book via Netgalley and this is my honest opinion of it. 

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